Knockdown Rebuild Guide

You may love the area you’re living in but feel like you want a more modern or larger home. A renovation or extension is always an option but sometimes the amount of work required to give you exactly what you want can be extremely costly. This is where a knockdown rebuild comes in and may be the perfect solution for you. With the price of land rising, a knockdown rebuild is often the best solution.

This article is going to be a short guide on what you should know if you are considering a knockdown rebuild. Hopefully by the end of this article/guide you have a much better understanding of what goes on with a knockdown rebuild and helps you to take that next step with your build.

Finding a Builder for your Knockdown Rebuild

This is the stage where you would find a builder you want to work with on your rebuild. Then you would work with your builder to plan or design your new home. The builder should be able to consult the council to find out whether you can build your new home. It is at this stage you will find out whether you can actually knockdown and rebuild your home, the size you can build your new home and the position your new home will sit on your block. While the builder will provide guidance on what you can/can’t do on your block, read through your local council zoning rules and state government rules for guidance so you can be prepared. Some councils have strict restrictions that may affect the build of your new home. Your builder should help you work with the council to achieve a result that is mutually agreeable.

If you are in a bushfire zone, understand what this means for your design and costs.

Permits Required by You

There are usually two permits you will need to apply for via your council to get your rebuild moving.

  • Demolition Permit: This permit allows you to demolish the current dwelling.
  • Asset Protection Permit: This permit protects you from liability for any damages done to footpaths, gutters