The Problem with Reviews

When I decided that I wanted to build a new home, I wanted to find the perfect builder for me so I started reading reviews on builders. I had a budget to stick to and a block of land I had to adhere to so I had already narrowed my choices down to a few  of the larger volume home builders.

A lot of these builders had some bad reviews, they weren’t all bad as they had a lot of good reviews also but this is where the problem with reviews in general comes in.

I’ve found that when most people are angry or have had a bad experience, they are more likely to leave a review for a business purely out of frustration. It’s what happens when our emotions get the best of us. When we have a good experience, often it just skips our mind about leaving a good review unless we are prompted or asked to leave a review. Not only that but some companies will delete bad reviews (if they are in control) which is also a major issue. Another issue is that sometimes people might leave a bad review that could be their own fault; an example of this might be someone who leaves a negative review about a phone they have purchased because it’s not doing what they want it to but they haven’t even read the manual yet.

So in saying the above, even though the builder we ended up choosing did have some horrible reviews; our experience with this builder was actually fantastic. Of course there were some mistakes and defects on site but all of these were fixed relatively quickly and our build process was pretty smooth. I truly believe that what determines a good or bad build comes down to the site supervisor a lot of the time. If they are lazy and are not checking the work, you could end up with large issues. If they are proactive and on top of things, they will be fixed sometimes before you even notice them. It also helps to be on top of your build yourself and notify your supervisor of any major issues you’ve come across so that they can fix them quickly. If they refuse to fix things or ignore you, take your complaint higher in the company or threaten action such as not paying invoices or reporting them to a governing body such as Consumer Affairs.

In a nut shell, you are probably more likely to read bad reviews on a company (especially a builder) than good reviews so just keep that in mind when looking for a builder and when using our website. This unfortunately goes for all reviews on basically any product you can think of but it just seems to be worse for building companies because of the emotional attachment we have for our homes, not to mention the costs involved in having a home built.

I hope this article has helped you understand the common problem with reviews and that it serves as a reminder for the next time you might be reading reviews on a product, service or company. It’s extremely important to keep these points in mind not only on this website but on any other review sites you might visit.