The Stages of a New Home Build

In this article, we’re going to talk about the construction stages of a new home build. The stages we will discuss will basically be exactly or at least very similar to the stages you would see in your building contract for progress payments. Below you will see each stage title and an explanation of what should be happening during that stage. The stages discussed in this article are the construction stages of the project which would be after you have signed final contracts with your builder. This article is also written based on new homes built on a concrete slab.

Stage 1: Base Stage

This is the very first stage of your new home build and is where the foundations will be laid. It is at this stage that your site will be ‘scraped’, this refers to your block being excavated/flattened ready for the slab to be laid.

Once the site has been scraped to the correct level, your underground plumbing will be installed and connected to the existing infrastructure (waste/stormwater, etc). At this point, there should be pipes coming up through the ground where the future dwelling will be. These pipes should line up with all of the plumbing in your home such as toilets, sinks, showers, etc. There may be extra pipes at this stage for provisions that will be added later such as electricity to an island bench or similar.

Once that plumbing has been completed, your block will be prepared for the slab pour. This stage will depend on the type of slab your home will be built on. You may even be building a home that is built on piers that is essentially above the ground and not on a slab. For a house with a slab, it is at this point that concrete footings would be poured. Footings are just strips or columns of concrete that are poured deep into the ground to give the slab extra strength and less movement.

Once the footings have been poured, your slab will be measured out and boxed up by the concreters. Once the slab is boxed up as per specification, reinforcement bar will be placed inside the boxing and the slab will be poured.

Stage 2: Frame Stage

This is the second major stage of your new home build and will occur once your slab has been poured and has had some time to cure. A lot of new homes these days are built using pre-fabricated walls which just means the timber frame for your home would be build to specification in a factory and then put together on-site. Some homes are still stick-built meaning they are built from scratch on-site.

This stage usually starts with the carpenters laying the floor / bottom plates which determin